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Gundam Evolution Review

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Hi since no one is making a review thread for this game, here is my experience using the software for the past week.



- The aimbot as if right now is a bit wonky to use. Since there is no visibility check on enemy, you kept locking on to them behind walls which is very suspicious if your teammate just happens to be spectating you. I had to reduce the fov of the aimbot to reduce the chance of this happening in my matches but still even then i would have trouble locking on to enemy in chokepoint on map specially if they are bunched up together.
-bone check for head, neck, body is ok but can still be improve specially for enemy that is "crouched" when reviving their down teammates. If set to head and you try to lock on the "crouched" enemy, you would be hitting nothing.

-Trigger Bot is simply not working. Even though it is an option in the menu.

-aim speed is ok I usually set it on 2 on ranked matches and 5 on casual. but it could be better to have Prediction as an option as well which would work great on Turn-A Gundam which has a slow charged projectile.

-RCS worked great I don't really have a complaint there. tip on using RCS tick Hip fire so that it only triggers on ADS



-Current ESP options are Health Bars, Distance and Box. I've tried it all.
-Health bars are not really good because you can't change it to be vertical instead of horizontal (which would help in reducing clutter on screen) and it also has extra empty bar displayed even though the enemy is on full health which can be confusing to see so I almost never turn this option on.
-Distance is ok but would be great to remove the bracket (again to reduce clutter).
-lastly is Box which there's really not much to say about it other than you can change the color.
-it does not show ESP of teammates if that what you were worried about.

-last important thing is the ESP does not show what TYPE of enemy of the enemy is or even PLAYER NAMES. so that sucks.


MISC(Rage options)

-misc options or what I like to be categorized it as RAGE options. you have Telekill ,Flyhack and Noclip ive ever only tried this on practice mode 

-Telekill basically TPing the enemy in front of you so you can kill.

-Flyhack..well it self explanatory..you just fly on map

-Noclip is you just noclipping through the map walls/obstacles since its controls are not mentioned on features here it is
(Manual NoClip - Use Insert/Delete/Home/End/Pageup/pagedown to navigate)

-never uses it so can't really give a review on that




-It is streamproof on Discord that is when I've tried it. streamed for my friends and cheats outline such as ESP and aimbot Fov does not appear on their screen.



-for Aimbot my suggestion would be what I've already said before, improvement of the bone check of enemy during crouched and having a prediction option when aiming. as well as the most important thing in aimbotting which is VISIBILTY CHECK!

-ESP current options are ok but definitely need improvements such as showing player names, type of mobile suits being used as well as having skeleton outline to see where the enemy is facing. especially useful if you want to surprise flank them.

so, there you have it my thoughts and experiences on using the cheat for a whole week! hope with this you have the general idea of what it's like using it for your own self if you decided to purchase it. i will be update this review of course if there's new options added on in the future.

P.S   English is not my first language so sorry if it's a little hard to read and understand what I'm trying to say.


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