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How our Verified & VIP System work

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Note: Many customers are worried they won't be able to use their current cheats such as Genshin Impact. Do not worry. This does NOT affect the other "normal" cheats in our store.


You are interested to learn about our Verified & V.I.P Status. They are both separate groups and have different requirements. 


Verified Requirements:

This group is the first stepping stone to become a trusted member in our community. You will get access to some, but not all private cheats we offer. You will get higher priority support and HWID reset requests. The list is always changing so visiting our store page will give you the updated cheats available to this group.

To apply: HERE

  • You MUST follow the instructions in the application from very clearly or your application will be automatically denied. 
  • You MUST provide all of the pictures asked and in photo format, no scans.
  • You MUST be the ID holder. Any attempt to use fake IDs will get you permanently banned and all your subscriptions cancelled with no refund.
  • You MUST not have any outstanding infractions in our community. Account has to be in good-standing.




V.I.P Requirements:

This is our ultimate group within our community and it is purely activity based. You will be the highest rank within the community with the highest priority for support and suggestions. The list of cheats are always changing so visiting our store page will give you the updated cheats available to this group.


  • You MUST be Verified before being considered for this role.
  • You MUST have the following badges:
    • ID Verified (see above)
    • 2FA Enabled - enable 2FA on your account
    • A Paid Customer! - Purchase one of our cheats
    • Dedicated - Signed in consecutively for 7 days.
    • One Month Later Badge - Has been a member for 30 days.
  • The activity we consider & look for:
    • Number of posts/threads the user has.
    • How helpful the user is within the community
    • How trusted the member is (account is in good-standing with us and the community)


There are no applications for the VIP group. It's an 'invite-only' group where only the staff can decide purely based on the metrics above. If you feel we have missed you, we most likely have not as you are either missing a criteria or are not eligible at this moment in time. 






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