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Shatterline Review + Media


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Here is my review of Shatterline:

So my main problem with s0zniz right now is the fact there is no vischeck on either esp or aimbot. This is one of the most important features in FPS games for looking legit. However it currently does not have one, I really do hope in the following days it will be added. Team check also needs to be added, the blacklist function is a band-aid fix and really is not ideal. The aimbot is accurate and once configured correctly will be hitting well and looking legit, however and the big however is once in a while you're going to lock on to someone through the wall and it will be so obvious you are cheating. The esp is clean & smooth now however like aimbot, vis check is really needed. 



Recoil is active even when not in game, this pisses me off a lot actually because I cant config in-game because it will be pulling down making me inept of being able to click any boxes/sliders, when I tab out of the game I cannot click anything because my mouse will be dragging down, super annoying.


Should you buy this cheat?:

At the moment, the cheat is worth it IF you aren't looking to be SUPER legit, with the lack of vischeck it just isn't viable for super legit closet gameplay. It is also lacking QOL features however as it is new I would hope they're soon to come. My recommendation is to wait until it is fully polished, but it is useable right now, I had a lot of fun however the features listed above are very much needed.



FOV changer (not sure if possible)

Closest Bone (if you're going stomach only and someone is head glitching then you're fucked, if you go head and their head isn't showing, then you're fucked)



Here is my media with the cheat:



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Awesome review ! love the video btw you melted them down there 🤣
As for the bugs of the Simple RCS it's not a bug mate, when SimpleRCS is checked and you hold Left + right mouse click the mouse will go down
if HipFire also ticked it will go down only by Left click, so simply turn off hipfire 🙂

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