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Shatterline Review (So Far)


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I purchased the Shatterline sub today actually.. and I do feel 1 day isnt enough to make a great review.. but I'll add to this as time goes on..


Aimbot : 7/10

-The aimbot as of right now.. works but it's a bit clunky.. my main issue is that when you finish someone the aimbot will still lock on their bodies after death and if you try to re-adjust to another target or flick.. it just whips back (depending on smoothing) to the dead body until they respawn.. (this looks SO sus in kill cams...)

-Vis check really needs to be in this as well.. as one bad kill cam of you following an orbits dash behind a wall can point you out really obviously and for me I would like to keep under the radar as much as possible... 

-The bone selections (Head, Neck, Stomach) they're a bit inaccurate.. they're off a bit but when you're playing "professionally" it matters without looking super obvious

-I haven't had the chance to use the trigger bot as I wanna ghost cheat.. but I'm definitely gonna try it in PvE.. as I bet it would wipe the mobs super fast..  but just try not to be super obvious..


ESP : 5/10

-The ESP a few days earlier would've been un-useable as everyone was the same box and you couldn't really divide team/enemy unless you had some sense of game sense.

Now they added a blacklist feature [You choose a hotkey for the blacklist and you follow a teammate and you click the hotkey on them and it removes the box.. if it doesnt work... whatever you have your aim bone on Head,Neck,Stomach try aiming at that specific spot on the person u wanna remove the esp from and it should work perfect] Im sure this system will get better and we wont even have to have a blacklist but for now.. it works..

-Theres no option for names.. there is IDs but seeing all that gibberish on ur screen is annoying..

-The health bar doesn't work all the time.. sometimes the health doesn't change.

-The bones option is a mess.. it just lags the game and puts dots all over the players

-The esp in pve is pretty cool with showing other misc stuff.. so thats cool too ig


Misc : 7/10

-No recoil... (RCS) It basically just pulls down for you.. If you keep it on a 1-3 it works pretty alright with most guns... its not NO recoil.. more rather.. reduced recoil..

-Insant zoom.. im gonna trust what it says.. but I don't wanna use that because If it shows in the killcam that's a dead giveaway


I personally when using subs like these either play two ways..

I use ESP and i play extremely legit with it..


I have esp off.. and I use a aimkey with low low low smoothing to help me make minor aim adjustments.. 

But mostly for me i just use esp and play super legit.. just knowing where everyone is.. is miles more help.


Overall.. I really like shatterline.. but it was kinda getting boring.. the sub makes its way more fun and much easier lmao so now im scriming and I made my money back today already between 3 games..

Hope this clears anything up for someone wanting to purchase it. I'll be sure to check out other subs on here, there's a lot of subs to dope titles. 🙂👍

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Thanks for the review mate 🙂
Just few notes that were wrong here.
-Bone Aimbot just got improved and won't aim on dead bodies, Aimbot without bones (Calculations) also won't ever.
-SimpleRCS is never suppose to be no recoil, no recoil was a misc feature but got removed since it seems like in online they blocking it.
-Show IDS is for debugging purposes not to show their actual ID/Name, it's just for customers to picture me stuff to add to ESP.
-Healthbars never had a issue with that one tbh, no one reported aswell.

Except that great review, waiting for more people to share experience

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18 hours ago, nosupply said:

Thanks for the review.
Would you mind sharing with us your cheat-config?

fov 30

aim speed 2-3

rcs pulldown 3

bone stomach/head depending on weapon..

my aim key is m5.. and i rarely use it though sometimes its just to help adjust.. i just mainly use esp 

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so honetly... the esp is fine.. you really get what you need.. anything more and i'd say that they're just being nice so i'd change the esp score to a 9/10 just because a it could be a lil better..


the aimbot is ehh hit or miss.. sometimes like i said if a character with dash dashes behind a wall and u follow it on a round killcam ur pretty much done.. especially with how theres a streamer every match

vis check is really needed to play silently with the aimbot..


also if its possible with how it snaps instantly to another target while u have the key pressed... if u finish someone it snaps to the closest target in the fov. and having the fov any lower just makes it super hard to use

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