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Review DayZ [v3.0]

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This is my feedback on this product that I use for 1 month and I intend to continue using it as long as it is available and undetectable.

MENU - simple and easy panel to customize to your liking...

PLAYER 8/10 - After a long time playing, you end up adapting to the aimbot and the easiest and best way to customize it to get good kills. not playing aggressive but also not very calm, the gameplay and shooting logistics of Dayz is totally different from all current battle royale that becomes a little more difficult 
Triggerbot - I didn't use
Hipfire - I didn't use
SimpleRCS - I didn't use 

ESP PLAYER 9/10 - Player visibility helps a lot in gameplay by preventing being caught off guard or catching someone off guard, giving you detail exactly where the player's location is.
The reason it is not 10/10 is that there is the possibility of putting an ESP that detects when the player is behind a wall or something that is impossible for you to shoot, so it turns red (or in the color you customize when choosing from the menu).
ESP ITENS 7/10 - The visibility of items at the beginning you get very confused until you get used to the fact that when you arrive in a city where there are several items ends up mixing the names and disturbing/confusing the player's attention because he has to focus much more on what is written one in on top of the other to better understand what it's about.
(When you activate ESP Items with all options active, it ends up getting in the way in ESP Player giving a little delay)
Maybe if you put more item selection option, the visibility and detection of items would be better.
(with current selection options it is playable, but upgrading to specified selections will improve 10/10)

localization 10/10 - great tool for official servers. where there is no mod map, easy to use and marking points or places on the map making it easier to locate



Drawn features of the Cheat are rendered as Overlay, not recorded/streamed when capturing the Game directly.

MENU SUMMARY - Currently it is in perfect use but I would say that it still lacks some things to complement in the MENU.
Some options we miss in a MENU
for example:
no recoin
Enable prediction
Always light (Danger)
Disable grass (Danger)
Disable fog (Danger)
Disable rain (Danger)
Disable overcast (Danger)

Aimbot zombie



So far the loader has not been detected.
NOTE: I was banned on a community server more for reasons that were my MISTAKES when using the program in an aggressive way at that time and on that server.
I play on other community servers smoothly and have not been banned so far.


A summary about the product. It is currently in perfect condition, I have nothing to complain about. Everything that has been said here and for the improvement of the product, a complimenting feedback for the improvement of the product is my vision and experience of the same, I recommend it and I will recommend it to other friends.


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