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nProtect gameguard helldivers AC

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I'm not new to gaming chairs but before helldivers 2 I've never heard of nProtect Gameguard. I'm curious if its any good and does well at detecting? I know its a Kernel level and a rootkit basically which seems to be the new standard but im not sure how well it works. I'd like to purchase the Helldivers 2 cheats but just not sure if its worth based on their anticheat. Any experienced users have feed back on it?

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its not a good anti cheat you will be fine (probably)🤷‍♂️ @ s0ZNIz  but still being said when it comes to cheating in a video game there is no 100 percent guarantee you wont get banned later on that is the risk of it all. If you care about your account simply do not cheat or use a alternate . As of right now it is undetected and you wont get banned , There is no one in the world that can say with 100 percent certainty that in 4 months from now it will still be undetected. 

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