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The Day Before - Prefer Solo or Group?

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On 07/12/2023 at 22:47, xqztgg said:

If there weren't so many dupes / glitches I'd say Group play, but the fear of losing anything doesn't matter when you have 20m coins lol

Hey mate. Are there any other dupe/glitches for money you can think of? All the old ones got patched like ASAP. 💀

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None of the money making methods found on youtube worked, but I discovered my one way, and I've given a lot of money away in the game. 
As soon as i can buy this hack, if you find me ingame, under the name deadeye, and you need money, I can help you out. Today I gave away half a million to a couple playing together. 


Edit: I prefer playing solo tho, specially if Im using a hack that gives me godmode. 

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Edited to provide answer to main topic question
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