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Genshin impact [After buy change mind] Never trust score on epvp is all on one bag....

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I entered a webpage and bought Genshin Impact using my credit card. Unfortunately, the views on TikTok decreased, so I wanted to record and promote NARUTO TO BORUTO: SHINOBI STRIKER and exchange my subscription from Genshin Impact to Naruto cheats. The price was the same and it would have been easy for the owner, but he refused. He said that he would only give me good cheats and wouldn't exchange them. There are some missing features in Genshin Impact cheats such as item grabbing. The no-fall damage feature also doesn't work as expected. If you use acceleration and jump off a small hill, you will die even with full fall damage. Additionally, when using ghost mode, your character that shoots stops targeting enemies with basic or ultimate attacks from a distance. There are significant shortcomings in Genshin Impact cheats, and the worst part is that there is nothing in the purchase agreement about it. Even though the payment was not processed, my bank froze 300 euros instead of 150. It saddens me that the administration is so focused on money that they forget about humanity. This is my personal opinion, and I am waiting to be banned

because they can do it quickly and without any problems.

For now, I've been left out in the cold, and the only sensible solution is to sell this cheat and get my money back so I can buy Genshin cheats XD. Of course, I won't do that because I respect the platform and I hope we'll be able to work things out. This is a lesson for me in the future.

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Simple as that we don’t do exchanges just because your stream views went low or u don’t like the product.

 You chooses to purchase lifetime we didn’t make u, you could buy for a month to see how it goes.


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Hi, It's interesting that when I asked about payment and which version to choose, you didn't mention that your store charges twice for the purchase. It doesn't matter that you reversed one payment when the bank blocked 150 euros and still hasn't released the amount. The worst part is that you'd rather spend time writing than simply making the exchange and having peace of mind…

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